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This Technology Database is a collection of R&D and technology invention profiles from

  • EZAN and
  • Russian Academy of Sciences institutions

 This online database provides an excellent insight into:
  • leading R&D results ready for implementation
  • innovative technologies
  • technological inventions
  • high-tech instruments, equipment and products
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23.10.2017Announcement: Genetic analyzer - Nanophore-05
 EZAN has begun serial manufacturing of the first domestic genetic analyzer (sequencer - Nanophore-05)

15.11.2016Event: “Scientific instruments – current state and development prospects”
 Together with the federal agency for scientific organizations (FASO Russia) and the institute for biological instrumentation (IBI RAS) of the Russian academy of sciences EZAN Co. was the organizer of the applied research conference “Scientific instruments – current state and development prospects”.